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This is music I did while I was in Kathmandu.

I've never traveled that far and I was overwhelmed by what I experienced there. I was lost too.

In the evenings I took my guitar and went to the meditation room on top of the hotel and just played in the dark and recorded everything.

Never before or after did I play like this.These were magic moments.

During the day the city is madly busy. A cacophony of traffic, people, dust....

At night you can only hear the songs of cicadas and dogs.

Sander is dutch and I met him in Bern. We had a couple of jams and then he said he was going to move back tothe Netherlands.

We decided to have one more jam and record everything.

Sander plays many instruments. Here he played drums and me guitar

This video is a first-take-one-shot video, done by the amazing RTR team. Grazie mille.


LA PASCAL GAMBONI COMBO CRASSIRA is a collectiv consisting of Rees Coray (bass, backings), Severin Brugger (guitar, melodica, ukulele), Dario Jemmi (drums), Dario Hess (guitar, vocals) and me (guitar, vocals). And sometimes Luis Coray (vocals, dance) and Flavian Krol (guitar, vocals) join us as well. We play mainly my songs but also songs of Dario Hess.

I was recording drums in my mums garage when Renzo stopped by.

Some vitamin D.